Summer Reading

Teachers across all grade levels understand the importance of encouraging students to read during the summer vacation. It is especially important for beginning readers to continue to practice and develop their newly acquired skills on a consistent basis. We have included a printable reading log that includes information that we need your child to record. This reading log includes the title, and author.

Motivation is the key ingredient when encouraging children to continue independent reading during their summer vacation. Invite the students to develop a summer reading list of their favorite authors and book topics. This is a good time to reflect on all the books your students read during the summer. They may want to log the main characters, setting, main idea, and a personal review of the book. Let’s support our children’s reading skills, with everyone prepared, motivated, and ready. Let’s  have a summer of great reading.

Battle of the Books Reading Lists!!

Please be sure to read in completion all three pages, as pertinent information (regarding the rules) has been included at the end.

Downloadable & Printable Reading Lists

1st Grade

2nd & 3rd Grade

4th & 5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th - 12th Grade