The College Search Process

To help you get started in your college search process, here are some Web resources.  Follow them in the order presented to get the most out of the search.

1.  Exploring Your Options

No matter where you are on your path to college, it is never too early to explore your options and consider career possibilities.  These are some resources that may help you make some important discoveries and decisions.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test - This is a free, adapted version of this test, which other sites offer in full for a fee.

What could I major in? - This site includes a free 15-minute interview to help you assess your educational goals.  At completion, it provides you with six majors to consider.

What can I do with a major in...? - This tool is provided by UNC-Wilmington.  It helps you select a possible major and corresponding career.

2.  Beginning Your Search

Searching for the perfect college can be a daunting task - for there are so many choices.  These resources can hopefully help you to narrow your options and find that perfect fit.

College Navigator- The US Dept. of Education has created a useful site full of college information.  This site allows you to perform a comparison search, creating tables for up to four schools.  Since it is a government site, this is the most objective search on the web.

College Board - College Board is the largest clearinghouse for information on colleges and universities.  It offers a comprehensive college search tool.  Click on "find Your Match" button.

Peterson's - Peterson's is a non-profict clearinghouse of college information similar to the College Board.

The Princeton Review - Categorizes college choices into three classifications: long shots, matches, and safety schools.

College Net - Lets you search for school by region, tuition, or sports programs.  It also offers links to college home pages.

BrainTrack - profiles almost every US higher education institution with original overviews, home page links, detailed degree data, similar school. and more.

3.  The College Visit

College admissions officers will often tell you that this is the most important step in choosing a school.  Visit.  Try it on.  Get a feel for the campus.  You will better determine if it is the right "fit" for you after a visit.  Use these links to help you start the process.

The College Board - includes phone numbers for all college admissions offices.

Campus Tours - provides virtual tour links for more than 800 US colleges and universities.

Collegiate Choice - includes order forms for more than 350 videotaped campus tours.  It also contains tips on the application process.