SAT Registration Tips

The College Board website ( is the most complete and reliable source for informationon the SAT, as well as PSAT and AP tests.  There is a wealth of information and answers to most of your questions. Below are answers to students and parents moms frequently asked questions.

You are responsible for registering for the SAT on dates convenient for you.  Calhoun Academy does not register students for the SAT and is not a test center.  

Plan ahead!  Our Guidance staff recommends that you take the SAT three times, twice in the junior year and in October of the senior year.  compare the available testing dates with your personal calendar, and work out your planned schedule.  If your colleges require one or more Subject Tests ("SAT II's"), factor that into your plan.  You cannot take the SAT and Subject Tests on the same date.  Illness or bad weather can throw a wrench into your plans, so allow for contingencies.

Set up an online account at the College board website and register online.  The system saves all your personal data, so you only have to enter it once, and you are assured of accurate and matching data for later registrations.  You get an immediate confirmation and admission ticket, and you can reprint your ticket if you misplace it.  Scores are availavble online (at no charge) within three weeks after you take a test.  You can view all your past scores online any time.  Youcan order scores to be sent to colleges online, and you can verify exactly which scores have been sent to each college.

Never set up a second online account for subsequent test registration.  Always use your original account, or you rscores willnot be combined on one record.  If you aplpear to be two different people, colleges may not accurately match electronically received scores with your application file.  Straightening out and combining multiple records after the fact is a challeng you don'twant to deal with - and the school can't do it for you.

If you have to register with a paper form, for example for standby testing, it is essential that you complete the form using personal data (name, birthday, etc.) identical to what you entered in online registration, so that new scores will be matched up with your previous record.  When you receive your score report, verify that all previous scores are included.

Be sure to include your high school code (411748) in your registration so that Calhoun Academy receives your scores.  Whether or not you want us to report your scores to colleges, we need to maintain complete records for you and accurate summary statistics for your class.

If you are eligible for a fee waiver or testing accommodations, notify Mrs. Patty Hair well in advance of the registration deadline, so that she can submit the necessary paperwork.

Take advantage of the four free score reports that are included with your registration fee.  Score reports ordered outside of the registration process will cost you $9.50 per college.

Many colleges require an official score report directly from the College Board.  Some colleges will accept the SAT scores listed on a high school transcript, and do not require that you have them sent officially from the College Board.  If you rely on what is included on your transcript, remember that it only includes test results we have received up to the date the transcript is mailed, and may not include scores from a recently taken test.  When in doubt, have scores sent from the College Board.